A Review on Lockwood and Co. Series by Jonathan Stroud

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay in posts, and I’m not going to lie, I haven’t found the time to work on my blog because I’ve mainly been preparing for my math class next school year – which is sooner than I thought- and I’ve also been trying to read. I found that the whole summer, I barely read. I need to fix that. And, I’ve been knitting which is really unusual but trust me, knitting isn’t just for grandmas sitting on rocking chairs and knitting super fast. I find that the only time I have to knit is during the summer which is very little if you don’t count the times I’m away traveling with my family.

Wow, that was really off task. Anyways, today I bring you a review, the first of many on my blog. It is a review on the series by Jonathan Stroud: Lockwood and Co. and it has a total of five books in it but I currently have the first three books. I’m currently ordering the last two and I’m very excited to read them as soon as they come, which I don’t even know when.

Let’s get to what this book is about.

I would say this is a book for teenagers, as the topic is very teenage ish. I don’t really know what to tell you about the age zone for this series.

It’s about an agency that hunts ghosts of all types and there’s a lot of mystery and crime. I’m trying not to spoil it so I don’t give away too much and basically ruin it for you. There are three main characters: Lucy Carlyle, Anthony Lockwood, and George Cubbins and they are a small agency that hunts ghosts and other ghost related objects, etc. Each of the character has a type of “sight” in which they use to hunt the ghosts and protect the citizens from being harmed by the ghosts.

Why is it that I’m doing a review on this series? Because I love it. It’s such an interesting read and it’s one of those books that can make me gasp out loud or even laugh out loud. I don’t do that often while reading books. I find that there aren’t a lot of books that really make me laugh out loud very often, but that doesn’t mean I’ve got no emotion when it comes to reading. I love reading and it’s one of my favorite things to do on my free time.

I hope this blog post finds you good and maybe you can even read it in your free time. It may be for teens but I do think that it definitely is a good series to read for entertainment.

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Veronica Chen

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