A Court of Thorns and Roses Series Review

As I sit with the book beside my laptop, I must say I have quite a lot to say, so, let’s dive right in.

A Court of Thorns and Roses is a currently ongoing series and so far, I’m beyond shocked by my expectations. I realize I was meant to publish this a while ago, however due to the virus and everything around us ( this blog will be a virus free zone so this will be the only time I mention it), I’ve been doing online classes since my spring break. It’s going to be tough because I’m at home and while I have my books, I do feel very bored at times. However, this is a virus free zone so I’m going to get started.

I have been adjusting to online classes these past few weeks hence my lack of posting so I have actually finished the fourth book, A Court of Frost and Starlight, a few weeks ago. After a few weeks of not reading this series since it’s still being written, I’ve come to re-analyze my ratings I put on my Goodreads. Let’s get started in individual book ratings.

Book 1, A Court of Thorns and Roses, I originally rated a 4, however, it has recently been changed to a 3.5 (but of course Goodreads doesn’t do .5 so on Goodreads it is a 3). I decided to change it down to 3 stars because it wasn’t the writing, it’s just simply that I found it so very similar to Beauty and the Beast. I love Beauty and the Beast and when I first picked up this book (after having it on my shelf for many many months) I was loving it, hence 4 stars originally. However, now that I’ve read all 4 books that have been released, I realize, yes it shows character plot and lots of things were a WOW from me for a first book, I found that this was a weaker book amongst the series at the moment. BUT, please don’t take this as me hating this book. I did enjoy reading this and did indeed like this book to push me to finish the series. I was definitely in love with Feyre and events that happen towards the end really made me love her even more.

Book 2, A Court of Mist and Fury, was rated a solid 4 star. It was a great second book and I really enjoyed this. Her relationship development AND character development grew so much in this book I felt so proud of her. I much preferred this book over book 1 and I honestly, truthfully and honestly, nearly cried. As you may know from book 1, there are a lot of things that surely ( I am assuming) that inspired this series and book 1 was Beauty and the Beast. At the moment I do have ideas of all the book inspirations but don’t want to share them as perhaps it would be a spoiler so I’m not going to get into that. All in all, events in this book made me giddy and nearly cry.

Book 3, A Court of Wings and Ruin, was rated a 5 star because it was my favorite book by far! This book truly made me develop tears and nearly spilled them because of events that happen. I felt many emotions while reading this and I honestly wasn’t expecting to read the first 3 books so fast. There were some character moments that really shocked me and I was surprised to feel that way but it didn’t impact me that much because the plot was the one thing that really shocked me while reading this. I absolutely felt jumbled up after reading this book and loved it truly.

Lastly, Book 4, A Court of Frost and Starlight, was rated 2 stars. This book I was really excited for after reading the previous 3 books and was hoping that it would be just as good. It is the most recent book that is out and I was hoping that there would be events that would make reading this book worth it. But I was wrong. This book could have been written as an epilogue or a prologue in the last book or the next because I felt that it was pretty useless. Ok, maybe not in an epilogue or prologue but maybe a chapter or two, but as a whole book, definitely not worth it. While granted, it was nice to have a cool down with the previous plots and events that happened with the previous three books, I was really anticipating this read and I am so sad that I was left disappointed. I’m hoping that the next book, book 5 is so much better. Although this book flopped, I am excited to read book 5 because this series isn’t over and one bad book isn’t going to stop me from finishing this series!

I want to thank everyone for reading until the end! If you haven’t already read this series, I do suggest you read it. I do want everyone to know that this review was all my opinion. People who read this series have their own opinion and I would love to of course here all of these in the comments below. I’ll see you all next time!


Veronica Chen

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