Utilizing Grammarly On An Everyday Basis

Grammarly is something I use every day whether it’s for school or work, Grammarly is working continuously. Even as I type this blog post out, I’m using it! I started using Grammarly since I was in middle school, maybe 7th Grade? Since then, I’ve been using it to write assignments, research papers, essays, emails, and so much more. After my first year of Grammarly, I convinced both my parents to let me get Grammarly premium, telling them how much I would use it and how important that it would help me expand on my writing abilities. Although I’m sure I exaggerated a bit back in 7th Grade, I know now, almost five years later, I do not regret getting Grammarly premium.

This blog post is in no way sponsored but instead comes from my interest in writing this post for you all to know how much I genuinely use this tool.

So what exactly is the appealing thing about Grammarly that everyone loves? Well, Grammarly is for different purposes for different people, so what I write now can be the complete opposite of what you use Grammarly for in your life. As a student, Grammarly has become an extraordinary tool for me to use. I am a writer, so when using Grammarly, my words can sound so much better with the corrections and alerts it shows me, forcing me to realize that my sentence can indeed be rewritten.

When it comes to education, Grammarly sits in the background, helping me correct my mistakes when I write details for my classes and even helps me when it comes to emailing my teachers. It has been much more convenient with Grammarly than not having it on my laptop. I have gotten questions if I ever got the mobile version of Grammarly, and the answer is no. I had tried it before; however, it had been an inconvenience for me on my phone. But don’t let that stop you from using it on your laptop.

Grammarly is entirely safe to use, and even with the free version, it is still an excellent tool for everyday use. I use it to format emails to my teachers when needed, and it has not let me down. Punctuation has continuously let me down when it comes to writing anything, so when I first started using Grammarly, it was an absolute lifesaver, especially with the amount of writing I do daily.

As we are in the middle of COVID-19, the use of Grammarly for me has increased by a lot. In the past, I used paper and pen to plan out essays and research papers, but now that I have taken to online classes, my plans need to be seen by my teachers. Through this, I can see whether I am too wordy; if I should switch the words, if I have the right punctuation, if I wrote the term wrong, etc. I know that without Grammarly, I would not be able to spot these with my eyes as well as it does.

I hope that you all can consider using Grammarly for your personal use, whether using the free version or the premium version.


Veronica Chen

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