Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas Review

For the past few months, I have been reading a lot. And I think many of you guys can tell I am doing this because of the number of reviews I’m currently putting out. Sorry about that, don’t worry, now I’m balancing my amount of reviews to other content. However, about a week ago, during the weekend, I spent all day reading the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, which was *chef’s kiss*. I have no idea what it was about it, but I just couldn’t put the series down. I nearly pulled an all-nighter because I just wanted to read the series and forget that I had a quiz on Tuesday (although I didn’t end up doing that and went to bed).

The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas stuck with me, even now as I’m writing this it’s still running through my head. I nearly didn’t want to read my current book because I couldn’t move on from the last book. But, I’m here to tell you today all about why I rated the whole Throne of Glass series 5 stars on Goodreads.

For starters, I was definitely in the right mindset reading this so late at night, so don’t worry, I remember details as to why I love this. First, character development!! I am a stickler for character development and characters in general. If your book has it, I’m a happy girl. But this series had a lot of it! I don’t mean one character had strong development; I mean a lot of the characters did, which is why this series made it so special. The multiple points of view were fabulous and sometimes a little confusing (but not enough for me to honestly dislike the various POV aspects of the books).

Also, who doesn’t like suspense? Because I LOVE suspense, especially when it comes to fantasy novels such as this. And what’s great about this series is that it’s long! And I mean some books are almost 600-900 pages. I believe the last book of the series, Kingdom of Ash, is 900 pages, but these pages are Bible thin pages, literally being able to see the words on the next page when holding up a single page. I love the small things in the story too, the detail to attention, everything from the details of physical character appearance, the world they live in, etc., is well written and some aspects can either make you tear up or make your mouth hurt from laughing or smiling too much. Because of these excellent developments within the story, these actions I just talked about all happened to me.

I can perhaps talk a lot about this story, mainly for how beautifully well it was written, but I would not for both our sake and me making sure I don’t reread it too soon. I positively recommend this series to you because of its compelling writing, twists, characters, story plot, etc., so please go check it out!

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Veronica Chen

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