How The Forest App Connects to Climate Change

When I first heard of the Forest App, I was watching a how to take notes video (because for some odd reason those interested me). I had seen the way many Youtubers used the pomodoro method through this app and I became extremely fascinated by the way they all managed to focus and get on task. At first I had been unwilling to buy the app because it cost $1.99 on the app store, but, I started to see the bonus features of the Forest app and the next day I got it. So what are these features? Let’s dive right in.

I first got this app a few years ago and had also talked about some of the features on one of my blog posts, Five Apps That Have Changed My Habits, but, to give you a rundown of this particular app I might just rant a little bit.

The first feature is the pomodoro method that we are able to use and how it contributes to the climate change. The pomorodo method is focusing for a 25 minute duration and then a five minute break and with forest, you can earn coins. When you add the time, you are adding a plant or tree as the life that is at stake. The more time you add to how much you focus (the maximum time you can focus is for 120 minutes), the more coins you earn in that run. The coins help you buy more plants and trees and one more feature that I’m going to mention later on. The one great thing about this is that when you are in Deep Focus Mode, the moment you leave the Forest App, for about 1-5 seconds of exitting the app, you kill the plant or tree. This is good because it stops you from getting distracted and wanting to check social media or other apps. When you kill the plant/tree, there will be a dead tree in your Planted Forest, showing you that you were unsuccessful. That is my motivation to not check my phone or go off the Forest app so I can keep the plant/tree healthy.

Once you plant enough plants/trees to reach 2500 coins, you can officially plant a real tree. This is the main good feature that I use the Forest App for. So, all those trees you plant in your virtual forest can turn into one real tree. This is great towards the environment when we cut so many trees down that we’re not only harming the environment but the animals that live in such environment. By giving 2500 to plant a real tree, you are giving the people on the other side an opportunity to plant a real one wherever around the world. This is a fabulous program and is something that impacts the growth of the environment and what a difference it can really make for the world.

This is the change that forests need, especially with so many trees being chopped down used for production purposes. By planting trees in the world, we can truly make a difference to our current Earth and make it a better place for the animals around the world and ourselves. This will help reduce global warming and the air we breath and help us live better life.

I am absolutely in love with this app and this feature and will continue to use it even when I’m an adult. It does cost $1.99 on the app store but it is complete worth it. Please go check it out! And if you too like this app as much as I do, like and comment your favorite features and how you use it!


Veronica Chen

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