My Current Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

Hello everyone! Today I’m going to talk about my skincare routine. I’ve spent a few years really trying to perfect my routine so I can help my acne and to this day, I’m still working on it. But the products I’m going to talk about today are things that have really helped me these past few months and I’ve noticed a significant difference when it comes to my skin, so, let’s get started!

Product #1 is not a product but rather a tool. It is the Clarisonic Facial Cleaning Brush

Sadly the brush I have (Mia 2 Cleansing Brush) has been discontinued, so, I have provided for you a very similar product that I do believe will also do the job.

I use this every day when washing my face and it has made my face much cleaner than before. What I do is lather my face with the soap and then rinse my hands so that when holding the brush my hands are clean and won’t be slippery, then I turn on the brush and gently press it against my face.

This brush does not need a lot of pressure when being used and when I use it, I use a more skimming method to cleanse my face. Applying to much pressure would hurt your skin and if you have acne, may even worsen it. For me, when I use this product I’ve found my acne has gone down so much and that it leaves my face feeling smooth and much more refreshed than before.

I have decided not to include my face wash as I recently began to use it and would want a fair review on it before I said anything about it.

Product #2 is the Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner.

It has proved to be one of the most refreshing thing for my face by far. After I wash my face, whether it’s morning, afternoon, or night, I squeeze it onto my hand (rather than using a cotton square) and dab it on my face rather than rubbing it on. I found that by dabbing it onto my face, it sticks more to my face and the product is able to really sink into my skin. Especially when coming from outside or from a workout, after stepping out of the shower, I love using this product. And not only does it feel refreshing, but it also helps me control the oil building up on my face throughout the day.

A tip I would like to mention is that you should wash your face whenever it starts to become oily. This helps your pores stay clean and clear and I have found that by washing at least three times a day (for me) my face has started to feel a lot smoother and the pores have become less noticeable.

Product #3 is the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo.

After letting the toner dry, I like to use the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo cream to focus on my t-zones and acne concerned areas. This acne spot treatment is something I have been using on and off throughout these past few years I have found that whenever I use it my skin seems to look much healthier and that is because it really helps my acne. As this is just a spot treatment I do not use it all over my face. This helps me focus on concerned areas and really helps heal my face slowly so that I don’t get new pimples popping up. It doesn’t need a lot of product to cover the areas I need to so I only squeeze a tiny bit on my middle finger and slowly dab it in the necessary areas. This has really helped me along my journey of having better skin.

Product #4.1 is the L’Erbolario Sun Protection Cream.

Sadly, I couldn’t find a link to the exact product from my image so I linked something that is very similar and would most likely do the same job as mine.

I like to use this in the mornings after my other products just as a daily protection throughout the day. While we are in quarantine, this is a good way to prevent any rays that shine through my window as I work in front of it. It’s important to keep your face protected at all times, even when indoors. This has really protected me even from before self-quarantine and has helped me stay protected as I was under the sun for quite a while. But, during self-quarantine, I use this as a great way to keep my face protected even if I’m not going out in the sun as much.

While this is a great product, for my oily skin I found that if I moisturized using this product on my forehead, I tended to get oily much faster, so, I finally realized where the focus areas of my face where for this product. The only area I now use this product for is my t-zone, my cheeks, and my temples. I also make sure I am not using too much product and use very little. I measure it out by putting a tiny bit on my middle finger, even smaller than a penny. I find that that specific amount does the job (although sometimes I squeeze too hard and too much comes out at once).

Product #4.2 is the L’Erbolario Face Cream for Blemished Skin.

While the L’Erbolario Sun Protection Cream is for daytime, I use the Face Cream for Blemished skin for night time. This is a very rich cream that is quick and easy to put on at night. Sometimes when lazy, I’ll dip a clean finger into the cream and take as little as possible and lather it all over my face. I find that this cream is very to use for nightly use especially when sometimes it would be very late when I would brush my teeth and wash my face.

This product takes very little effort to apply and does an incredible job overnight because when it comes to morning time, my face feels smooth and moisturized. When using this, I find my face smooth and my pores seem much cleaner and simply looking in the mirror early in the morning it already looks like I’m awake. I have been loving this product so far and have no complaints at the moment.

Product #6 is the L’Erbolario Eye Contour Gel.

Lastly, let’s talk about eyes. Every morning and evening use this product and gently dab it around my eyes and it was significantly reduced the stress and lack of sleep that gathers around my eyes. It’s really soothing to the skin and sometimes I notice it has some cooling affects to it which is quite enjoyable. It is very easy to apply and I’ve had no trouble using it at all except when I squeeze to much out of it and panic as to where I could possibly put the excess.

Luckily this product ― for me ― has been such a big help for general areas around my eyes, for example, my eye brows, sometimes I’ll even put it toward the outer edge of my eyes. This product has been an absolute help for me and my strained eyes on a daily basis. I love using it and it has helped me a lot when it comes to taking care of my eyes.

And that is all for my skincare routine! I have found each and every one of the products extremely useful for my oily skin and if you have oily skin as well, perhaps some of these products can help you as well.

If you liked and/or agreed with some of these products, I would love to hear your thoughts down in the likes and comments below! See you all next time!


Veronica Chen

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