How To Save Energy During Self-Quarantine

Now that majority of us are in self-quarantine/lockdown due to COVID-19, energy is bound to skyrocket, so, in times like these, saving energy is very important. I know that as I am home more, my air-conditioning is on more, my lights are on more, and my technology are on every day.

Whether you are quarantining alone or with family/friends/relatives/etc., it’s important to gather together. I know that sounds rather weird, but the more we gather together, the more energy we save. In the beginning of quarantine I found myself staying in my room more and only really going out to the living room for exercise or meals, but now I’m making sure that I am at least working or doing entertaining activities outside. How does this help? Well rather than being in different rooms, you can focus the main use of energy toward the living room or main gathering area. That way, the energy is reduced automatically and we don’t have to worry about turning off the aircon if more than one person is gathered in one area.

For me I found I was able to spend more time outside when I wasn’t in a Zoom call or recording videos so I spent most of my time outside using headphones when I needed to or even putting music on that was likable by everyone. With that, I was able to turn off everything in my room and during the day when I was in the living room I would only turn on the air-conditioner as there was enough natural light.

As energy is a great contender to the increase in greenhouse gasses, it is important that we help reduce energy even if we might find ourselves making the excuse that we need to have that light source by our side on at all times. Don’t worry, I’ve made that excuse thousands of times. But now that energy is most likely the largest category in my eco footprint, it is the one thing that I know I will be focusing on more as I stay home more.

As I have been in self-quarantine for almost four months now, I’ve found myself being able to reduce my energy-loving self and spend more time outside in the living room and be able to enjoy the abundance of natural light that I usually wouldn’t get in my own room. And not only that, I’m using less light throughout the day and I don’t necessarily need the air-conditioner all the time. Being able to have the windows open and use the cooling wind as it flows into the house makes it much easier for saving energy.

And the amazing thing is that all these techniques are easy to do and can be done anywhere. Of course if you’re somewhere cold, maybe don’t open the windows. Saving energy is amazing, easy to do, and helps save the world and your money all at once.

What are some techniques you guys are doing to save and reduce energy? Comment down below I would love to hear all your thoughts! I’ll see you all soon!


Veronica Chen

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