The Good Things About E-Books, Physical Books, and Audiobooks

As ordering online has been difficult due to shipping, buying books is harder. Now that some places are not shipping to certain countries, books that have been on my wishlist for a very longtime are unaccessible for me so, I found three things that have helped me a lot.

I recently picked up some old books and have added that to my TBR for June and that is something you can do too. I have found that there are many old books on my bookshelves that I put in 2018 and have never picked up so I have been able to pick out a few books for June and read old books that I haven’t been able to read. Those are physical books that I have easy access to. Sometimes I find that I buy books and never read them by leaving them on my shelf so now that I am home everyday, being able to read those books has filled up my day.

I have definitely found that I wanted to buy more books by ordering online or going to a bookstore so what I have realized because I am unable to buy books is reading online. While I am more of a physical copy fan, I will occasionally read online when some books are available to me online. I like to utlize my public library and private family club library on Libby to check out books and tag them in order for me to read them in the future. I have discovered books that I have been waiting to read and also books that have been favorites to Booktubers and Bookstagram accounts. Libby really helps me get over some reading slumps and has been such a big help when I don’t have anything to read to really inspire me to read more. Libby is free to use if you have a public library card or school card or even private family club card that you can easily check books out. For school libraries I suggest you get the app Sora which is a sister app to Libby.

The great thing about Libby and Sora is that not only can you get “physical” online copies of books but you can also check out audiobooks. If you found that reading a certain book has been difficult you can always see if they have the audiobook and give it a try. I’ve discovered some great books through Libby that were audiobooks as well as some books/audiobooks that I did not like. And the great thing about audiobooks is that you don’t have to stare at a screen for so long and you can do anything while listening to an audiobook.

The good thing about these three things is that they are easily accessible when you can’t buy anything or order anything from online (due to shipping) and luckily these are so easy with the modern technology flowing everywhere around else.

Do you guys use any or all of these three? Comment down below, I would love to hear your thoughts!


Veronica Chen

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