Reusing Old Materials

These days I find that I am in need of watching what I throw away because it might actually be useful. I usually always recycle but sometimes there are things that I have discovered could actually be really handy for organizing. I’m big on organization so when I discover new things to use for keeping things neat I will gladly take it.

One thing I like to use when it comes to reusing is boxes or jars or anything that things can be stored in. I recently got old honey jars that my family used and turned that into a pen holder. These pens were usually in my pencil case but because I won’t be going out anytime soon I found it useless to always put my pen or pencil back when I could just take it out of the jar. While I may do this now, I know that when we are allowed back out and/or I go back to school, I will use my pencil case again. By keeping these jars and boxes I was able to store daily things that I use in these said boxes and not clutter up my desk that would have been a mess in the past.

The second thing that I have been doing is using old notebooks. I am always hoarding notebooks so I have tons of unused notebooks, lined, gridded, and blank notebooks so lately I have been slowly using them up for different purposes. I’m not one to have multiple diaries or sketchbooks or journals so I usually have one notebook for one subject. If you’ve got empty notebooks remember to always finish that notebook first before going onto a new one.

The third thing that I have been doing is using pens that can be refilled or using mechanical pencils. While I have not completely cut off using wooden pencils, I usually use a mechanical pencil for day to day writing. Before self-quarantine I had gotten refillable pens and tons and tons of refills. I got my four main colors; black, navy blue, gray, and red. It’s great to use refillable pens or pencils that can last for a long time.

What are somethings that weren’t listed that you guys reuse? I would love to hear it down in the comments!


Veronica Chen

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