All the books I’m currently writing : )

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Dreamless Nights series

Second chance romance, small town

Set in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Kristy James, a 9th grade English teacher is 4 months pregnant and about to become a single mother. But, when her ex from college, Lucas de Silva and his nephew come into town, she finds herself wishing she could be close to Lucas once more.

(once published, the synopsis and cover will change)

Romance, small town, matchmaking

Athena Day is ready to give up on love. After witnessing her sister get engaged to her ex, she’s ready to hide from the world. And she does exactly that. Taking a job as a pre-k teacher in Gloucester, Massachusetts, only her friends know where she is and that’s the way she wants it. As she navigates her new school, she meets Lila, her new student and immediately connects with her, even when Lila’s ready to play matchmaker and match Athena with her Uncle, Sebastian James.

(once published, the synopsis and cover will change)

Standalone Books

Romance, Age gap, short story, 18+, smut, one night stand

At the end of Willow’s trip in Europe, she arrives at the airport in Paris, waiting 8 hours for her next flight back to the US. So, when she stops by a small coffee shop in an isolated corner of the airport, she meets the owner of the shop, a handsome giant, who’s definitely much older than her. For 8 hours, she’s wanting more than just small glances at him, perhaps even a moment of hot passion.

(once published, the synopsis and cover will change)

Fantasy Romance, magic, countryside

Escaping to the countryside, Prince Matthias is forced to go into hiding after a situation at his home. Now, under a different name and life in Beaunesse, Kinecardine, he meets Océane, the daughter of a farmer and the captain of the guards in this small town. Now, Matthias can’t help but notice her strength and wishes for something more, even if he won’t be there for long.

(once published, the synopsis and cover will change)

Romance, second chance romance, short story, dreaming of you style

When Lucia Gardner goes to the zoo, she never expects to see Christopher Caldwell standing there as a zoo guide, nor does she expect that her niece Emmy takes a liking to him, tugging at his hand as they move to different exhibits. Now, watching Christopher and Emmy walk side by side as she asks question after question, she’s looking at him in an entirely new light.

(once published, the synopsis and cover will change)